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ZANN - Discography CD (Per Koro) 7.50 €
"Finally all songs that Zann from Leipzig ever released so far are banned on one CD. It contains 15 remastered Tracks from their split EP w/ Funeral Diner, the tour split 7" with Racebannon, Anger Is Beautiful, one compilation song, a song from their demo, their own 7" on Crucificados, the split 7" w/ The 244GL and their split LP w/ Blame Game. With all their previous releases and extensive touring Zann accomplished to establish themselves as one of Germanys best bands. Metallic (and I mean metallic HC in a positive and passionate way, not the testosterone-packed sterile stuff) Screamo-HC that is at times chaotic, crazy, and complicated with a lot of tempi- and break changes, never comfortable and lame, but always merciless, unpredictable and last but not least extremely brutal. The sound is accompanied by thoughtful and criti-cal german vocals/lyrics that get rather personal at times. If you dig Acrid, Uranus, Neil Perry or the early "Bremer School", you'll love this band. Comes with a thick booklet completely with liner notes and pictures. If you haven't heard of this band by now, then it's about time!! Value for money!" auch geklaut.

ZANN / FUNERAL DINER - split 7" (Vendetta Records) 2.- €
Whatdafukk - ZANN werden immer besser. Voll das Noisechaosmonster. Im Gegensatz zu den Amibands, die gern einen auf Chaos machen wesentlich zerstörender. FUNERAL DINER wirken dagegen wie ein Kulturschock. Weichspüler Emo der alten Ebullition Schule, dem ich irgendwie nix mehr abgewinnen kann. Gut gemacht, für das wasses iss, aber jo. (b)

ZEGOTA - Reclaim CD (Crimethinc) 9.- €
"After their US tour in winter of 2002, Zegota took some time off for their guitarist, Jon, to concentrate on raising his newborn child in Sweden. Zegota reformed during the summer of 2003 in Stockholm, and played shows in northern Europe through the fall, before coming to play a few shows in the Northeastern USA around New Year's. Zegota will be reconvening again in Sweden this summer. In the times between band activity, the drummer has spent time studying music in Africa, the bassist has been squatting in Amsterdam, the singer has been involved in direct action and activism in the USA, and the guitarist has been raising a child, working as a carpenter, and playing folk music in Sweden. As for the new cd itself, it features eight tracks of melodic hardcore with heartfelt vocals. “bend and brace” is similar in style to the debut zegota full length cd “movement in music”." Hört sich cool an, vom Sound bissel wie die letzte REFUSED, teilweise verspielte BORN AGAINST - aber wer die erste mochte, der wird die hier auch mögen. (b)

ZERO MENTALITY - Demo 03 7" (Dead Serious) 2.90 €
Nette Mischung aus LEEWAY (in meinen Ohren sogar besser, weil mit LEEWAY nach zwei, drei mal hören ziemlich auffen Sack gingen), Riffs, die irgendwie an die zweite CRO MAGS erinnern (inkl. Solos hehe) und bissel alte BREAKDOWN. Gesang erinnert irgendwie an ne Mischung aus HAMMERHEAD, als sie noch gut waren und HATEBREED. So - alles klar was es gibt? Iss ganz nett. :-) (b)

ZEROID - 2004 LP (Unsociable/Per Koro) 7.- €
"Wow, it's here and it's pure destruction. The final release of this Hamburg noise merchants. Everything is perfect this time - sound, artwork and packaging. Belief it or not they exceed all expectations and they even beat all their former releases. This is the best they ever made! An amazing farewell anthem for an outstanding band. A masterpiece of their own created genre. Mistuned depricore and fucked up suicide rock." Aufgenommen im Kuschelrockstudio (ACME, MÖRSER) und das ding iss phatt. (b)

ZEROID - s/t LP (Hellache) 6.- €
Their first release, more chaotic but also midtempo. Also very killer sounding with heavy production. Heavy weight artwork, 180 Vinyl, bigger cardboard and linoleum coated. (?)

ZEROID - s/t 10" (Hellache) 6.- €
Portland und Bands aus Kanada der neunziger (URANUS/DRIFT) haben ihren Spuren auch in Hamburg hinterlassen. Der Sound iss superphatt, die Melodien melancholisch depressiv im mittempobereich, hier und da durch ein paar Prügelparts aufgelockert. Arschgeiler Scheiss. (b)

ZYON - The Wishing Star CD (Winter Recordings) 4.50 €
Melodische Metallische Emoangehauchte theatralische Mucke. (b)

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