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GASP - drome triller... LP (Slap-A-Ham Records) 7.- €
Abgedrehter schneller HC irgendwo zwischen IN/HUMANITY, ICE NINE und GUYANA PUNCH LINE. (r)

GATE CRASHERS/IDOL PUNCH - split 7" (Moshstache) 3.50 €
Vielleicht sind GG von ihrer 7" bekannt. Hammer Old School. ZERO BOYS meets alter Boston style. "The Gate Crashers' best buddy, Mr. Sanchez, released this great split of Pennsylvanian nihilism and uncontrollable Japanese fastcore. The Gate Crashers branch away slightly from their non-stop assault to display a Zero Boys punchiness, while Idol Punch thrash away incessantly with ridiculous basslines and screamed vocals. The artwork is designed by skate legend Giancarlo, with another depiction of a harsh accident of which you wouldn't want any involvement." (?)

GENETIC CONTROL - First Impressions 7" (Reagan Era Hardcore) 3.- €
"Fast and straightforward hardcore from Montreal; tough & honest stuff in the vein of the early Boston or Tough&Go bands. Great."

GET FUCKED - Get Fucked 10" (Level Plane) 6.50 €
Described as "incendiary" and "provocative," South Philadelphia's GET FUCKED have done little to allow such comments to get to their head. Formed in 1993, this band played shows in Philadelphia and South Jersey with the likes of classic hardcore bands POLICY OF THREE, ASSFACTOR 4, HEROIN, and CRUD IS A CULT before disbanding in August of 1994. Over the years, the members have kept themselves busy with other bands such as TORNADO OF KNIVES, NEIL PERRY, TURMOIL, LICKGOLDENSKY, and THE NOW. By the end of 2002, all of the original members found themselves living within a four-block radius. Having never recorded anything previously, they decided to come together to record eight songs with Josh of HOT CROSS for a 10".

GET UP & GO'ERS VS. DEAD END - split 7" (Brigde / Armed with Anger) 0.50 €
Zwei Bands aus Schweden. GET UP iss so die rockigere Schiene, DEAD END wie auf ihrer 7" auf 625 Thrashcore: mehr so die US Old School Variante. (b)

GNATS SUCKER - All Thing I'll never say 7" (625 Thrashcore) 2.90 €
Max meint: "Awesome hardcore bands from the late 80s/early 90s Sapporo scene... heavy on the 7 SECONDS and GORILLA BISCUITS style. Catching, fast, meldoci yet raw... doing it at a time when no other scene in Japan was playing this style. Limited run of 750 so if you want it, get it quick." Kann ich so unterschreiben, man sollte aber bedenken, dass man ne Japan Version von den genannten Bands bekommt, nee?! (b)

Leichter Metalbeeinflusster EMO-HC aus Deutschland. Erinnert mich etwas an alte deutsche sachen wie ASSEY oder so mit etwas mehr Metal in den Riffs á la GOLGATHA. Cover, ettiketten, Textblatt = alles Handarbeit. Gelbes Vinyl. (r)

GODSTOMPER / BIZARRE X - split LP (T.V.G.) 5.- €
BIZARRE X knüppeln in gewohnter alter England-Noisecore Tradition der Endachziger. GODSTOMPER sind zwar nur Drum & Bass, aber die Bass klingt halt wie ne Gitarren. Power Violence der alten Frühneuziger Schule. (b)

GODSTOMPER / HE WHO CORRUPTS - split 7" (Blind Date Records) 2.- €

GOOD CLEAN FUN - Straight Outta Hardcore CD (Defiance Records) 4.- €
Yow, die neue... Old School der 88 New York.-Hardcore / frühe Revelationbands Schule. Incl Youth of Today Coverversion. (b)

GOVERNMENT ISSUE - Boycott Stabb + Live tracks LP (Reflex Records) 8.- €
"Goverment Issue's first and best album ever ! Comes with poster-insert including pictures, lyrics, interviews, flyers + more! Comes with 4 live bonus Tracks from 1982 and a mistery track! Originally released on Dischord/FOY records (1983) . This is Washington DC hardcore from 1983. Now back available on vinyl like it was meant to be" (?)

GRAVY TRAIN - Mens 12" LP (Cold Crush) 6.- €
Total 80ties style Schrammel Punkrock New Wave Mix mit Frauengesang, abgedrehten Songs und witzische Texten aus Amiland. Zum Glück kein Yeah Yeah gehört, von daher geht da sogar mehr als klar. Shake your body to the Konga. (b)

GREAT CLEARING OFF / THE SOUND OF FAILURE - Sea of Steel Part #2 split 7" (Ed Walters Records) 3.50 €
"The second in a series of split 7"s celebrating the punk transportation of choice, the bicycle. This latest installment of the bike-oriented series on Ed Walters features two groups from Philadelphia. The Great Clearing Off offers "Love Song" (not a Damned cover) and "Murder Not Justice." Sometimes compared to '90s East Bay punk (Filth/Econochrist) mixed with a wide-eyed, idealistic sentimentality (The Hated), the band prompted Maximum RnR to coin the term "sincerity-core" (anything to avoid the "emo" word, huh?). The GCO delivers strongly on this follow-up to their debut 7" (Cheap Art Records). The Sound of Failure offers two destructive songs, "Assemble/Edit" and "Horsham Clinic." Musically the band molds early Unwound's penchant for chaotic noise with a driving, John Henry West/End of the Line, guitar-driven hardcore. Lyrically, the intensely personal offers a less glamorized look at the 'nervous breakdown'/'suicide' chic so popular these days. Both SoF songs are new, building on the unique style of their debut 7" on When Humans Attack Records."

GUNMEN AND FLIGHTPATHS - s/t 7" (Alone Records) 1.- €
Label meint: "This Syracuse band feature members of The August Prophecy, and play a frantic yet rocking style of screamo. Shrieked vocals and music that is dissonant & discordant, but manages to keep a rockin' rhythm at times. I can hear the San Diego influences all over this; think of early '90s Gravity bands but faster & more furious. " Yo... stimmt... haha. (b)

GUYANA PUNCH LINE - Direkt Action LP (Prank) 8.- €
Ken meint: "The third, darkest and possibly most extreme record by South Carolina's GUYANA PUNCH LINE yet. From where the psychotic frenzy of their sophomore release 'Irritainment' left off, this is much more straight to the jugular, blown out torrential waves of demented thrash blistered with caustic screaming vocals, manic drumming, ripping bass lines and some deep low end moody guitar work harkening back to the guitarist's Kevin's time in INITIAL STATE. A much more political record than their previous outings, while still maintaining their trademark sense of humor and freaky wit, all detailed in the requisite lengthy booklet. Vocalist Chris was one of the masterminds behind IN/HUMANITY, Guitarist Kevin was in ANTISCHISM and INITAL STATE. GUYANA PUNCH LINE has always combined elements of those genre- defining bands, but this finds them deep in cutting their own swath in extreme hardcore punk as they continue to experiment, mutate and evolve." Für mich klingt die neue wesentlich fetziger als der alte Scheiss, jetzt noch die letzten Chaosparts droppen (sind ja nicht mehr viel) und das klingt wie ne besse Version von LOS CRUDOS. (b)

GUYANA PUNCH LINE - Irritainment LP LP (Prank) 8.- €
Die zweite Lp der Krawall Thrasher und Zerstörer. Maximum smashism Sound - Mix aus Emo, Thrash, Noise und dei Mudda mit nem zerstörerischen Konzept. (b)

GUYANA PUNCH LINE - Maximum Smashism LP (Prank) 8.- €
Erste Lp. Farbiges Vinyl. (b)

GUYANA PUNCH LINE - s/t 7" (When Humans Attack) 2.- €
Kommt das mir nur so vor oder klingen die thrashiger als auf ihren anderen Platten?! Weiss net, hab mich nie so richtig mit GPL beschäftigt, weil ich zu denen nie den Draht gefunden habe. Jedenfalls, sie ballern und das klingt beim ersten Mal hören so, dass ich mit das noch öfters geben werde. Die neue Lp kommt jetzt wohl auch demnächst - wieder auf PRANK. (b)

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